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第二期C++ 项目学习小组

started discussing on June 5, 2021 as OnlineStudyGroups

学习目标: 系统学习latest C++技术,用项目的方式深入掌握C++的语法和数据结构。

简介:在这个学习小组里,入选学员将会高强度 地分课题调研与互相学习实用的 C++技术,并且在结业时做一个金融界买方大牛为大家量身定制的 C++项目!


学习大纲暂定和上期类似, 可根据项目灵活调整:
Week1 :Quick overview of C++ data structures, with emphasis on hashing (set、map、 multiset, and their unordered version)
Week2: Overview of C++ string: parse、 substring、 find first/last、 C++17 string_view、 regular expression;
Week3 :File I/O using C++: standardize file path、 edge cases w/ numbers、 output formatting;
Week4-5 :Serialization based on apache/arrow project;
Week6-7: Multithreading in C++17: dealing with edge case、 file I/O、 statistical analysis;
Week 8 :Project Presentation

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