NJDE_202101 In Detail

Position: Data Engineer

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Location: Jersey City

Company: A financial company

Title: Junior/Senior

Listed by QiShiCPC

Job description: Be part of a new function, building our data ingest and data science platforms. You will be working closely with all lines of business as they develop new products built on the platforms you provide. You will be building cutting-edge data platforms that ingest, manage and process data from all businesses. The platform will have to accommodate a wide range of use cases from simple customer-facing data APIs to large-scale machine learning models. This job is fully remote, although the office is located in Jersey City which can be used for team meetings and collaboration efforts. Responsibilities include: 1. Build and run the data platform using such technologies as public cloud infrastructure (AWS and GCP), Kafka, databases and containers; 2. Develop the data science platform based on Python data science stack; 3. Work closely with the Data Science teams to build and productionize revenue generating ML models and datasets; 4. Build and run ETL pipelines to onboard data into the platform, define schema, build DAG processing pipelines and monitor data quality; 5. Manage and run mission crucial production services. * Sponsor H-1B

Requirement: 1. Good core programming skills in either: Python, C++, NodeJS or Java; 2. Strong experience working with SQL and databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server; 3. Strong understanding of scalable data query engines: e.g. BigQuery, Presto, Snowflake, Spark etc.; 4. Experience with ETL tooling such as Airflow, Prefect, etc.; 5. Experience using stream processing platforms such as e.g. Kafka, Pulsar, Storm, Kinesis, etc.; 6. Familiarity with Python data-science stack: e.g. Jupyter, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Dask, Tensor-flow; 7. Broad exposure to at least one cloud platform: AWS, Google, Azure; 8. Strong understanding of Linux. Windows is a plus; 9. Strong proclivity for automation and DevOps practices; 10. Experience with managing increasing data volume, velocity and variety; 11. Financial Services experience a plus but not required; 12. BS or higher in a technical field: CS, Physics, Maths etc..

Announce date: Sept. 14, 2021

Application deadline: Oct. 14, 2021

Expire date: Nov. 14, 2021

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Maximum applicants: 100

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