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Position: Portfolio & Business Management Assistant

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Location: NYC Midtown

Company: A bank

Title: Junior

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Job description: 1. Primary function is to assist the Relationship Manager (RM) and the marketing department to generate revenue for the commercial banking group by developing business opportunities while maintaining and expanding (existing & new) customer relationships; 2. Work with the team to perform credit underwriting and credit monitoring of loans; 3. Assist the RMs to manage the portfolio of existing relationships; 4. Act as the backup of the RM to provide banking services. Position Details: 1. Portfolio management & Credit underwriting (60%): (a) Assist the RMs to manage the portfolio, including conducting annual credit reviews, interim reviews, compliance checklist and credit monitoring of existing portfolio; (b) Routinely collect and maintain credit information on relevant industries, markets, and customers; (c) Management of existing customer needs, transactions and issues; (d) Work collaboratively with the credit team to identify and resolve the credit issues and covenant non-compliance; (e) Assist the RMs to manage the overdue items in KYC process and credit underwriting process; (f) Coordinate loan closing disbursement and repayments in the bank and with external parties. 2. Business development & customer service (15%): (a) Assist the New York Branch RMs to work with global RMs within the global network to develop business opportunities and serve the customers; (b) Assist the RMs to conduct customer calls as well as helping the customers to process transactions with the bank; (c) Assist the RMs to conduct KYC and the on-boarding of the customers. 3. Others (25%): (a) Perform related duties, as required, for training, operation, and developments purposes; (b) Perform all assigned duties under bank’s compliance programs and related laws & regulations; (c) Complete assignment and duties designated by supervisor; (d) Special projects assigned by the head of marketing department. * We will sponsor a work visa and accept OPT/CPT

Requirement: 1. 1+ years of relevant experience in Credit Risk management preferred; 2. Bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in Finance/Economics/MBA; Master’s degree is preferred; 3. Knowledge of credit markets and specific products knowledge, including corporate loans, structured loans, leveraged loans, mergers & acquisition finance, project finance and trade finance are preferred; 4. CFA/CPA/FRM is preferred; 5. Bilingual ability in Mandarin and English.

Announce date: May 15, 2021

Application deadline: June 15, 2021

Expire date: July 15, 2021

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